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"I am your connection from farm to table..your palette is safe in my kitchen..
let me nourish you..feeding you life and electrifying your well being."

Chef Tiffany Moore’s story is one filled with resilience and undeniable passion. Affectionately known also as Chef Tiffany Moore, she brings joy to the lives of many through delectable food and memorable events. After eleven years of service in the United States Army, two cervical spine surgeries, and numerous other challenging setbacks; Chef Tiffany Moore was able to rise above it all to become a successful entrepreneur. Chef Tiffany Moore uses the kitchen as means of healing, which also leaves guests feeling transformed as well. Chef Tiffany is a graduate of Auguste Escoffier Culinary school where she graduated with honors. She has been recognized for her amazing skills and business sense around Atlanta, and across the globe. Chef Tiffany Moore is also the co-owner of the exquisite Event Hall @ Cascade, located in South West Atlanta.

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