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On The Go With Chef Tiffany- Dancing Crepe

My fam, Jamel Moore better known as @JaMellow on Insta has a monthly event, “Brunch & Flow” at Dancing Crepe located in Downtown Atlanta. I got there early because you know how traffic be in the A. I arrived an hour and half early to navigate parking and the city crowd. Creating a life of easement is of utmost importance to me. Shiiddd..I’m 40. Life is ahhmazing and peaceful. Whatever adds to it, is a blessing and cut the root of what doesnot. As I’m writing this one of the security guards walks by and whew..Ain’t nothing like a man smelling don’t even have to see his face or his teeth🤣 anywho, I parked..chill for a bit and make my way in. The security officer at the door was handsome as well ladies..I was like ok Yandi. Security opens the door and walks me in and JMellow was there to greet me with a handsome smile and big hug.

We chatted for a bit about my new skill in the finance industry and then he had to get back to host event mode. I know how that is. I’m sitting at the bar and get my fave, whiskey sour. The bartender was so pleasant even though I new sis was tired, only because I heard her say it. When someone is waiting on you, serving you, and they mentioned they’re tired, exhausted etc..have grace. Jamel came over to tell me showtime is likely around 3..I say I understand. Start putting your foot down on deadlines. People, if you want someone to respect your artistic craft, respect the next creator artistic deadlines. Anywho, I order the strawberry cheesecake crepe and when it came and I took my first bite..I don’t know if it was the herbal essence or the double shot of whisky in my sour but it was 🤤 drool worthy.

I will recreate it into my version soon. Haven’t made crepes since Tj was in middle school. Although it was delicious, my tastebuds craved something more. I met some ahhmazing ladies sitting to my right and left at the bar. We were the 3 Ts! We laughed, tears were shed a little, and embrace sisterhood and connections amongs strangers. Divine timing is always in alignment 💚

Brunch & Flow started off smooth! Singer then a saxophonist..then it was act after act of pure artistry. Even Phillippia graced the stage. I ordered a breakfast crepe. It has eggs, spinach, bacon, onions. I sent it back. Although it was tasty, there was no bacon spinach, or onions and it needed a sauce as it was dry. I wanted the full flavor of the description I read. I know how restaurant Kitchen life can be, so I wasn’t tripping, but my waiter sent it back and they came out with a even more tastier one.

The second one was delectable, but if the bacon was more crisp and fresher onions, it would have indeed set it off, especially if it was a little more sauced up. I give everything a 8/10 though! Drool worthy and comeback worth!

The artistic creative souls we have in Atlanta or those who venture here in hopes of living their dreams are so talented. Happy that found creative bliss in Brunch & Flow. Below is a list of all the artist, with pics and videos if I was able to capture some.

Was able to get a pic with one artist.

Full Artist Lineup:

Thank you Jamel for the invite! Until next time! Hugs, Love, and Kisses-XoXoTiffMo 💋

Make sure you follow Jamel! He will lead you to the vibes!😆 I feel like I’ve said that before! Maybe it’s a “Moore” thing!

It's been awhile since I posted a blog. Stay tuned. I will be doing a lot more.

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