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I had the time of my LIFE at Art, Beats, & Lyrics!!!

Sooo...I get invited to some pretty cool events and I rarely go most times.

I've been suffering from grief and depression since 2010, due to the death of my little brother..and subsequently my spine injury from my deployment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom(2004) that left me unable to walk for about 3 months(2011-2012), intense pain, metal plate in my neck, bone taken from my hip..two cervical spine surgeries later, and I have to have a third..I am pushing myself to live my life the way I want for 2020 and beyond and to stop saying, “Thanks for the invite, but I can’t make it”or getting jealous as I see pictures scroll my timeline of the great time I could have had.. My amazing and wonderful friend/bartender Eric with @ScratchOutLoud sent me an invite for Art, Beats,& Lyric, sponsored by Jack Daniel's. I RSVPd for this event in Miami during Art Basel Nov 2019 because I planned on going then..but a catering gig took my plans when I saw this..SIGN ME UP!! The day of the event, I hit E up to see how far away he was..he said he would get there around 8😳I’m thinking this is a FREE Atlanta alcohol event! You not gonna make it, but I’m learning not to wait on anyone for things I want to do! I’m so glad I did not!! I arrived around 630. It started at 6..lines were already too long to be standing in this “Colder than a Polar Bear toenails“ weather..but was moving fast! Upon check in..they gave us 1 drink coupon and I preceded to where the basketball floor is. Of course I got my drink first and tipped my bartender $10..I’ll be back I said.😉 Once I saw the floor and the Art!! I was stunned!! The Artwork was all super DOPE and amazing!! I tell ya! There are some super creative folks on this planet! Since I arrived early, it was not crowded and I was able to take in every piece of art! Seeing people relate to the Art, take pictures with the art just did something to me!!

It was a rush of emotions that made me feel extremely good! Representation matters!! I had 4 sets of friends at #ABL and shared my time amongst all of them as the nite went on. My sister/friend since elementary, ArtZyBelLA was there! Before she arrived, all I could think was how can she be apart of this!! She is an ahhmazing dope artist! Next year she has got to be apart of this! I then saw my brother/friend Donte! Dontè is the life of any party and I’m so proud of the things he is doing! Elevating himself to the max!! He grabbed me and said, “We going to the front!” I was on the first row!! Dres tha Beatnik was the Emcee and he had an ahhmazing DJ! Stef of 2GInk joined us near

the front of the stage as well!

Donte got the bright idea to do a headstand near a piece of art that resonated with him. I was super scared!! Mainly because of my neck surgery, but importantly..we did not want him to fall back on the art!! A bystander came by to egg him on!!! LMAO He actually did it!!(See pics) Never doubt yourself, was the lesson. You know your limitations. Also, if your friends don't get on the floor to take your pics, Are they really your friends!? (See pics) Donte' is ahhmazing!!

Thank you Eric for the invite(He never got in! LMAO I told him all about it on our outing the next day to the Black Owned Spirits Expo)

Follow Art, Beats, & Lyrics here to stay updated on future events. No Plans Valentines]'s Day!? I'm having a spoken word event at my facility, Event Hall @ Cascade. Culinary Unclothed is the unveiling of Me, through food. . Check the events tab to get your tickets! You won't be disappointed!

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