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What The Kale Is Farm To Table?!

What The Kale Is Farm To Table?

Farm to table is a sustainable practice, that focuses on feeding life through nourishment, by

farm fresh food and feeding the community by locally sourcing non food essentials items creating a 360 degree effect of community profit through complete wellbeing with economic stimulation. Reducing your carbon footprint on the environment by recycling and/or using eco-friendly products is also a sustainable practice of the farm to table lifestyle. Farm to table is knowing where your ingredients are sourced from. You have a relationship with the farmer, you are the farmer or you support your local markets and farm community. Everything involved is directly connected to the surrounding community and eco friendly. As a Culinarian, with a love for living holistically as possible, farm to table is a lifestyle I practice when it comes to food. As a beginner farmer, and Artisanal Chef, I try to use fresh as much as possible and I love supporting small business owners. Artisanal and Farm to Table are one in the same to me. They both simply mean, pure good food. Food is life, and the mind and body needs nourishment. I want to do my part of contributing to many lives through electric food. I feed life. Planting the seed, nurturing the seed, harvesting the seed, and presenting it to the mouths of many through a delectable melange of goodness brings a smile to my face every time. Proteins are not to be left out as well. Using local fisheries and ranchers help keep the sustainability going. I know how the livestock is cared for ensuring my ingredients are cruelty free. Spices and herbs can even be sourced locally.

One spice I use is “Roast This”. They are located in Atlanta Ga. A relationship with the farmer, rancher, fisherman is based on respect, communication, and integrity. I have to trust and know that they have humane practices. They will communicate with me when certain produce isn’t growing due to the weather and tell me that this certain fish is not in abundance or delayed because of some type of bacteria. They are my direct connect to life and nourishment and I am the provider of the nutritious meal you will partake in. You leave your tastebuds in my hands knowing that I have selected the best of everything that will be consumed and apart of my food process. My philosophy, “ I am the connection from farm to plate, your palate is safe in my kitchen. Let me nourish you. Feeding you life and electrifying your wellbeing”. It costs more to produce a true farm to table environment. Life fluctuates and happens daily. Life and nature moves at its own pace dictating what may be served on the menu for that day. Let me help you enjoy the process of food cultivation and reintroduce you, to a new way of living. I mainly sourced my items from Hillside Farms. A local farm in Atlanta. Stay tuned and follow on Instagram as we startup an amazing farm community from the ground up. IG: HillsideFarmsAtl

Chef Tiffany Moore is a Atlanta based Chef. She is a medically retired Army Disabled Veteran, Mother, And Business Owner, and curator of some awesome events. Follow her on IG at ChefTiffMo.

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